70-90 texture maps are much? Blender keeps freezing

Whenever I try to bake the combined textures of 10-20 objects with 10-20 principled materials each with 4 piece of 2k maps (albedo, metal, rough, spec), blender just freezes out.

If I start deleting the 2k maps (tried JPG and PNG) from the materials, the freezing becomes more rare, it seems like blender having issues with many 2k maps, but is that really much? Vram usage shows 2/6 GB, there is still enough space as well as in system RAM - which is only using 1 GB, I have 32GB rig.

Is there any limitation I’m not aware of?

Does Blender freeze during modelling, sculpting etc, or is it freezing when you try to preview materials and render?

Preview and render

I’m assuming that all the maps are unique. If all maps are unique then your RAM and VRAM usage is lower than what i would expect at preview and render time.

As a reference point for you, my most recent project used over 900 4k textures (6.6 GB when on the harddrive); there was a period when blender seemed to lock up when the textures were being read from HDD into RAM which would take several minutes. I was also pushing the limits of 64GB of RAM at render time.

Using the worst case numbers you’ve provided your looking at 1600 2k maps (20x20x4). Those Ram figures seem low to me.

Are the maps saved on a HDD or SSD?
Check your disk usage when you start the baking/rendering process and see if there is any activity. If you are using windows 10 it is in task manager. If there is disk activity leave it for about 5 minutes and come back and check if it has started.

Yes, unique maps.

It’s only 20x4 texture PBR maps at max, sorry if my description was wrong.

It’s loading from SSD.

I can upload the .blend if needed