70 Second Coffee being poured

I request a 70 second fluid simulation of coffee pouring into a coffee cup on top of a saucer. The saucer sits on a simple wooden table (simple prism) and a bland sky with lighting in the background. Perhaps some sort of steam animation emitting from the coffee. Nothing too complex or time consuming :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Why? What is this for

Why are you interested? I have made a request and it seems nonprofessional to request ‘why’. This has nothing to do with you is all you have to know.

Well you are asking in the Volunteer forum for someone to do something for you for free…

While you have every right to not disclose why you wan’t the animation, a somewhat inconsiderate response such as yours above is hardly going to help you find someone to do your task.

Secondly, I would think more details would be required to consider whether or not this is a project I (or anyone else) could undertake.

  • What kind of quality are you looking for? Basic transparency (Blender Internal), Rayraced liquid (Blender Internal slow) or full path tracing with GI (Cycles) /Realistic?

  • Is the wooden table simply a flat rectangular prism, or does it require legs, and what kind of look did you want for it?

  • How detailed did you need the fluid simulation, as this greatly influences the time to simulate it, is the fluid pouring in for the whole 70 seconds, or for 10 seconds, with ripples/smoke coming out after?

Instead of requesting maybe ask if someone would be kind enough to create the said animation. Just seems a bit nonproffessional to request this and then get defensive when someone who potentially could be interested in this ask why you need it.

Here i mad this for u
it took a litle longer then 70 second but it was not time consumeing

i could not find out how 2 mak smoke so i draw it with pencil

download the .blender file from this link http://gregzaal.com/files/teacup.blend (click it with left mouse button)

pls credit me when you use this, i want to get job some day


Here is a sample image, I’ve got a fluid simulation running atm:

gregzaal that is fantastic!

The steam is spot on, table lacks bump, and a saucer needs a 3mm downscale on X axis, no comment about the coffe…

Drakenish - just stare the pic for 70 sec…job well done!

Vandorius: lol

Gregzaal you forgot to add lighting to the background.

Drakenish dont worry here it is.

And please credit me for the lighting part.

Tx take care

Looks good to me :RocknRoll:

I sense a new meme……

XD i am laughing so hard hahaha thats awesome good job

by the way if you want something for free dont be a *ick

I have a very important question. Who the heck takes 70 seconds to pour a cup of coffee? Are you drinking coffee out of a bathtub?

For that matter, who would sit for 70 seconds watching a video of coffee pouring? I’m sure you could spend some of that time watching grass grow or paint dry.

Coming in summer 2014

I think I’ll go make myself another cup of coffee… bbiab…

That’s Epic JA12!!! :cool:

You rock!! :RocknRoll:


this may actually be true…


Ok, yeah, I’d watch that.

Lol its starring Nicolas Cage