70's style, original design car

hi everyone! this is my first attempt to design a car from scratch, no blueprints no references. I wanted to recreate that kind of early 70’s style american muscle car, and i pretty like the result! Criticism totally appreciated! Feel free to honestly judge my work! hope you like it as well!

I will be posting few other renders in the future!

I love the look of the car! It has a very strong resemblance to a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda, especially with the grille. I love the colors that you chose, as well as the look of the tires. I know you’re not working from blueprints or anything, but one thing I noticed is that the scoop on the door appears to be rather deep, so maybe consider making it more shallow? Other than that, the model is amazing and I love the color choices you made.

It has a very strong resemblance to a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda

i cannot say that i totally dislike it, but this is exactly the problem i got with the design. it feels like you took a chevelle and a cuda and glue it together. if you are talking about design, i am missing new ideas.

I love those old cars… Very nice… Tho that door looks odd… Actually… Very odd.

Thank you guys! Yes actually it is nothing new and basically it feels like i took pieces of several different models and glued them together, but that was pretty much my purpose after all, i wanted to model a car that would recall the early 70’s muscle cars ('71 challenger, '69 charger, '71 'cuda). So i agree with every comment, and thank you all once again! Maybe “original design” was not the right title! (bad english, sorry!)