70's TV


This is the result of my first proper Blender modelling session:


It’s not based on a particular TV set… I did it from memory. I just tried to remember what our old one used to look like. All textures (except the floor) are procedural.

What do you think?


P.S. A Gold Star to anyone who knows which place the on-screen image is a photo of.

Hey, that’s cool. I really like the area where the knobs are and the great floorboards. Only distractions (IMO) are the antenna since it’s perpendicular to the view and looks sort of 2D, and the beveling on the TV. I had a console TV back in the day, and those wood corners were sharp! But maybe yours was different.

cool job… good point on the antenna. I love the floor, I don’t like the background (need walls, furniture, something!) I love the modelling of the bow, the buttons and the sig particularly )

Nice TV, well modeled, the beveling well, that could fit.

Nice TV, but they never had a picture that looked that good.

The floor is absolutely fantastic (although the bumpiness of the gloss could stand to be a bit more subtle, in my opinion).

Is the picture on the screen a photograph of your backyard?

I want my gold star now. :wink:

:o i wish i had a tv that high res!

those were the days eh?

nice work

Whitby in Yorkshire, UK perhaps?

Bijin: Thanks. Yeah, I agree about the antenna… I totally guessed at it, and it didn’t work that well. Likewise the bevelling… I can’t quite remember whether ours had bevelling or not. I think that CGI things generally look a little more believable with a very slight bevel.

olivS: Thanks. The background is just a ‘stage’ really… it’s just about the TV model.

Kansas_15: Thanks.

blenderanim: Thanks. Yeah, I guess I should have done a little PP on the screen image.

WhiteBoy: Thanks, but I can’t really take credit for the floor… it’s just a commercially available diffuse and bump map. I agree that it does look good though. Sadly, no Gold Star for you (though I wish that were my back yard). The Gold Star goes to…

GCat: Thanks. Yup… it’s Whitby, North Yorkshire. Well done!

Cheers for all your comments guys… I’ll start work on another model soon.

All the best,