73 Lotus F1

Working on a 73 lotus F1 for fun. This is using denoising/fimlic/principled shader etc. Rendering in Blender is becoming much more fun lately!


Very good start, would like to see some more angles of it.

Thanks, more coming soon

A rear view with a little more detail

You should change your lighting setup so we can see better. :wink:

Hard to tell, but your wheel/tire combo looks pretty low profile for F1. Here’s an old Googled thread that might be of use with some actual measurements.

Thanks for the feedback guys…

pappy - increased sidewall a bit
strapazie - here’s some more light…I was trying to hide unfinished parts hehe

haha, ok, looks nice, no need to hide :wink:

Yeah don’t hide that, its great to see on old F1 car on here.

Picking at it…

Short Process video:
[video]https://www.facebook.com/vaughan.ling/videos/vb.1100370080/10212720273977305/?type=2&theater&notif_t=like&notif_id=149933627308 3104[/video]

nice dude :slight_smile: like that candy-style car paint :smiley: