788 Poison

(mziskandar) #1

I cant write much here due to ‘lag of keep saving’. Details on my blog.

(alf0) #2

ahh man this is so creepy, i hate snakes alot
you just made it, that fact that i hate it, give you the ok cool awesome work sign :slight_smile:

(mziskandar) #3

Thanks alf0

(RedForest) #4

Awesome gif. It would look even better with different scales and lighter color on belly, like on real snake.

(mziskandar) #5

Thanks Red. Good eyes. I will try that.

(mziskandar) #6

Update… white belly

(vasant) #7

This is so creepy…! The more I stare at it, more It creeps me out… good work anyway… ( I hated to appreciate it just because it creeps me out :laughing:)

(mziskandar) #8

Thanks vasant.

(mziskandar) #9

Updated post 1. Adding a little video on vimeo.

(Benny_Flex) #10

Great work @mziskandar. For some reason, it is very relaxing to look at.

(Cindy Suen) #11

Very cool!