8 core PC where to buy online ???

Hey guys,

maybe I am blind, but I was looking for a 8 core (2 quad core chips) PC as a render station
and I do not find anything really online.

Does somebody have a site with decent prices maybe?


I just purchased a dual-quad core (8 cores total) system from HP. I had to go through their small business department. I called Dell and HP and had both configure a similar system, and HP came out less expensive.

I would recommend building one yourself, it is generally cheaper than getting a prebuilt one.

The Intel 8-Core Nehalem-EX will be out any day now, if you can hold out for the launch…

The parts are easy to find-- I would definitely build it. If you’re only using it as a render station, a pre-built model is likely to come with a lot of parts you don’t need. Besides, even if its not significantly cheaper, building your own PC is fun enough to be its own reward…

I would love to get a new computer with that chip once Dell or a similar brand starts offering it in their possible configurations. Since I’ll be going to launch a website soon to sell and ship my artwork throughout the United States (in a basic shipping presentation like all art stores) as part of my new business I estimate I may have enough money for such a machine soon after it comes out.:smiley:

Then again, if Blender’s rendering and general performance (BGE included) increases a bit like what already happened in some areas over the next months I may be able to get a year or more yet out of my Quad Core.

As others have said, building it is cheaper. I have a 2.7 Ghz dual core intel, 500 Gig HD, 2 Gig ram, DVD RW± drive, etc for about $350 a year ago. No big name manufacturer could come close to that. And if it’s just for rendering, do you need it pre-loaded with all that extra software they like to bundle onto their computers???

As they say, one you know, you newegg!!



I am kind of tech savy guy and built my pc by myself as well but there is a big down side to building your own pc no warranty if anything goes belly up you are own your own.

And if this pc is for a business or a school not having a warranty could be a problem. Check out companies like Boxx the make rendering workstation so they could have something to your liking. Apple is another one they have an 8 core macpro

and now they have a 12 core meaning 24 thread xeon work station
yeah if you are willing to pay the money for it :wink: