8 Hr Yafray Render

“Bunny Cube”

I think I’ve started to get the hang of yafray, next time though 8 hrs is a bit much. :smiley:


well,this is what yafray was made for.
nice render

Very nice. Very interesting looking render, though I don’t find the object that interesting. 8 hours is indeed pretty long, but tweaking the settings it can be lowerd quite a bit, or your pc is not that fast.

I find these kind of renders always intersting, hope to see some more from you.

I threw the model together before bed last night, I’ve been testing all kinds of features and stuff, but haven’t really taken my modeling skills to the next level. I’m about to settle down and start working on a longer project though. Getting tired of fluid sims…

My CPU is definitely not the problem, I have a quad opteron with 4 gigs ram, it's probably because I maxed out all the settings (like 10 mil photons, highest shadow quality etc and rendered at 1600x1280). I figured if I was going to be asleep it didn't really matter how long it  took. 

What are some people’s best time-reducing tricks for yafray that don’t compromise the image too much?

I use eight hemi-lights (low light strength) pointing towords the middle of the scene from every 45 degree angle instead of global illumination. Works very good.

Nice picture.

However, GI makes for a more realistic effect.

Can you share the .blend?

Holy shit Roger, you did that MC Escher render? Unbelieveable. I’ve had that as my desktop for months. This is complete crap compared to your portfolio. I’m embarassed. People at work saw your render, asked me for it and now three or four people have it as their wallpaper too. And I work in film, at a huge lab/post-production facility. Maybe in a few months I’ll have something you should look at…

10,000,000 photons, wow…
The first step would be to reduce that number…try like 1 million, I’m making more complex scenes with 500,000 and the results are very okay.
Same goes for quality - Best is not really needed, even lower settings like high can be enough sometimes. Same goes for the cache settings…

So, 8 hours for that render seem very fast to me, actually. You have quite some power in your PC.

Nice image btw, very simple but such nice and clean renders are always pleasing to the eye. Try it on a more complex model next time and show us some more like that :slight_smile:

The material is nice, as is the lighting.
But the model, well maybe you should replace it by smt more stylish.

By the way would it be possible to upload the blend file cuzz I would like to take a looka at the material settings


yeah I forgot snell, no problem. Thanks for the C&C!

it was actually around a million photons, I checked again. but the amount of photons seems to affect the render time less than the other settings, especially precision. I don’t have any web hosting so how do you want me to post the file? I thought you could attach a .blend but I was wrong…

You could mail it to me :slight_smile:
And if you want I could host it.
Edit: Thanks, it helped a lot.

Kator Legaz.

another call for the .blend file, please share.

Well I can easily see how this would have taken 8 hours to render. Looks like your raydepth is set to quite high so that you don’t get those ugly black “blobs” in the glass/plastic and you have acheived a very smooth shadow so you must have samples way up high. Also, as mentioned the render size has a large effect. I expect if you went to double the size it would take something like 32-48 hours.

Also agree that photons doesn’t make much impact on rendertimes.

I like the model too. Its unique at least (it may have just been the result of playing around with extrudes) but it looks quite cool. Perhaps if you made it part of a scene - eg carve out the top and turned it into a vase, or had it plugged into a wall as though it were a designer lamp?

Well done.

thank snelleddy for hosting. thanks!


the modeling is awful, triangles everywhere (you can tell if you try to render with blender external). all extrude, you’re right. boring! it was really just for testing yafray and the material, I think the trick is in having the material absorb non-red spectrum in the yafray material reflection settings. I’m pretty sure this is the exact scene I rendered but I can’t be 100% because I always save tons of versions of stuff…

working on a realistic dogbane beetle (photo below) with node shaders n’ stuff. that should look real nice. node materials are compatible with yafray, correct?


Crikey! Good luck on that one! :smiley:

I tried using f/stop’s cool texture on my own greeble. I tuned down the settings a bit, quality to high and ray depth to 24 processors to 1 and res to 960x720, but after 8 hours all I had was about half the photon maps. Sigh.


Like I said, prec and ShdQu have more to do with render times than photons in yafray. Also try setting it to medium instead of high quality - and maybe render at 720x480? blasphemy, I know. but it IS DVD standard resolution… (I work in DVDs and editing)

also like I said, if you guys ever want to test a render on the beast machine I’d be more than happy to oblige.

Ah, I didn’t notice the Prec setting. I’ve reset that, the ShadQual, the GI quality and <sigh> the resolution and will try rerendering tonight.

The iridescent beetle is cool idea - a nice test of several of Blender’s features.