80 Days - Character

(Gnaws) #1

A character sketch for an “Around the World in 80 Days” prototype.

By hottaco at 2012-09-16

(Gnaws) #2

blocking in the face…

By hottaco at 2012-09-16

(Gnaws) #3

little bit more of the head…

By hottaco at 2012-09-16

(Gnaws) #4

added some more details a few hours later…

By hottaco at 2012-09-16

(Gnaws) #5



(Knives) #6

This is looking really cool man, i dig the style your going for! great concept art too. Is the face composed of separate pieces? (like the hair,mustache,eyebrows?)

(Gnaws) #7

The concept art was done by a very talented colleague of mine.

Yes, the face is composed of seperate elements. =]

(Knives) #8

Nice, always helps to have friends who are good 2d artists, im complete shit at 2d haha.

I look forward to the finished model man, I feel like creating a steampunk themed hot air balloon for the character!

(Gnaws) #9

Finished his neck, and now starting on his clothes…

Thanks for looking!

btw: modeling in Blender is an absolute, complete joy! I have Maya, LW, modo, C4D all loaded on my machine at work. Yet my modeling tool of choice is…

(Jedingfield) #10

Fantastic! I love this style…it is inspiring.

(kastoria) #11

I’m curious how you did the concept sketch. Was it all digital or did you scan something in?

(Gnaws) #12

@kastoria The concept art was done by a very talented colleague of mine who works by hand.

(Gnaws) #13

Got a good start on his jacket. Haven’t put in any wrinkles. etc yet.

Thanks for looking!

(Gnaws) #14

added the lower half and tweaked his jacket.

Thanks for looking!

(Knives) #15

lookin good man, cant wait for the finished version! How do you model clothes in blender? Ive tried duplicating faces but it scales weird

(Gnaws) #16

Thank you, Knives. I’m probably old skool, but I have the most control with poly modeling. Tho simple things like the bowtie, teeth and mustache were box modeled.


(not-a-hack) #17

Lookin good!

The concept art your friend drew…he/she is talented!

(Gnaws) #18

Yes he is. I’ll pass along your kudos. =]