80s hair band - A Blender EEVEE animation

A quick animation I created in under 3 hours (speedwork) as a benchmark.

I used SteamVR VR hardware and some trackers and recorded both musicians using Mocap Fusion [VR] LUXOR and exported the mocap scene to Blender. Then modeled the stage scene and added some lighting and hair particle systems. And using two PCs (4x GPUs total) I rendered the entire animation with Blender EEVEE engine in roughly one hour.

I really wish I had more time to rig the hands so they moved along the frets more realistically, but this was all just speedwork and without any do-overs. Also the motion capture data is the completely unmodified (raw) mocap data exported directly from Mocap Fusion [VR] LUXOR - so could still use some cleanup.

Hope you enjoyed the video :smile: