80's neons

Just a lighting test with the internal renderer, trying to do a neon lights reasonably fast rendering.

Not so bad, 17:17.38 minutes :rolleyes: on my Pentium [email protected]

C&C are welcome, hope you like it guys.


Just added another render using DoF and some glow in the tubes.

High resolution renders (first scene):

Second scene renders soon.

If someone wants a specific resolution, just ask :wink:

Thank you guys


That’s the best neon lights I’ve ever seen.I woud happily bump in to them for hours:D
Though some of them look too solid.
How did you do it,Area light?

wiw ho o you do it?
good work making it to the top!!!

other than the order isn’t that of a rainbow not much to say.#
achieves what you were looking for. :slight_smile:

TheCroc, ionee:

Thank you, very much!

Just omnidirectional lamps located along the neon tubes, as shown in the image.


Heh, thanks.

The order of colors was taken from a neon tubes catalog, there appear in the same order, so it seemed appropiate :wink:


Ooooh pretty… Well done, you cant tell they are made of individual lamps or anything like that. If this wasn’t on blenderartists.org I would definatley have believed it was a photo. The only crit is that there is a wierd effect looking at it where the lamps will light up the holder for adjacent lamps making them look like multicolored lamps.

Thank you very much for your opinion and apreciation!

Very good render!

nice, although from the holders they look more like flourescent light bulbs, not neon tubing like those used on signs. still, very realistic with regard to the lighting.


Thanks a lot man!


Mmmh, yeah, you’re right. The holder could be smaller, like the neon lights that appear in the ads. I think that this holders would be technology from the future in the 80’s :wink:

Thanks for your opinion!

Neat render! This reminds me in some ways of the sculptures of artist Dan Flavin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Flavin) – more intentionality there, but if you’re looking for something neat to do now that you’ve modeled a bunch of tubes…

Thank you very much man!

Flavin’s work is very interesting, I did’nt know him. Maybe, we should talk to Flavin about Blender :wink:

Well so far perfect, maybe try putting a white color or object in front of the neons to show that the light brightens only the white of an object just like neons do in the dark.Good Luck.Simply amazing

Thank you Frank!

Yes, in a principle I would to include a white tube, just to have a neutral color reference.

however, the colors as they appear in the catalogs were preferred.

I looked at the wikipedia page and Flavin died 13 years ago. I don’t think he will be using blender anytime soon.

I like them. Would like to see them in a scene.

How did you get the effect of darkening towards the ends of the light tubes?

It’s done using two blend textures.

The first is used for the terminations of the tube, giving a smooth gradient from dark to light.

The second is a bit more tricky, because it must cover the borders of the tube, from any camera’s angle. So, a blend sphere texture was used, indicating in the Map Input section to use Normals instead of Orco mapping, and using only the Z axis to project.

Both textures affects the Emit.

Thanks for viewing!


Interesting stuff. Thanks.

good work making it to the top!

nice work :slight_smile: , a blend would be nice :slight_smile: .