80s room WIP inspired by other artists

please let me know if you this. it is still in progress!! any advice ant critique is more than welcome.


First off, really great start! I think a few things are missing that would take this over the top and make it more 80’s themed. Here goes. CHECKER. You need a black and white tiled checker pattern somewhere to be authentically 80’s. That’s just a fact. Also, the couch needs to be puffier almost like a marshmallow. Lastly, all the small accessories need to be more stylized to reflect that period. For instance, lamps need to be way flashier.

I love the direction this is going, can’t wait to see the final thing!

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@homiegmomma you are so right! its lacking 80’s character. the couch def needs more puff. and items more 80s stylized to that era. but u think a checkered floor would do it?? plz tell me more!! haha

The rest is up to you… I think the floor should prob be realistic, like a shaggy carpet. Why don’t you google 80s themes and architecture and find your inspiration!

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