80's Style Blockbuildings Animation

I tried to create a Ducky 3D-like 80’s style motion graphics animation, and this is my second such attempt. Enjoy and thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Sorry about the blackout on Dailymotion. This is the first image:

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Interesting start, waiting for animation.

I already uploaded an animation, a Dailymotion video embedded into the main post. Thanks!

Blocked for copyright infringement.

I’m not sure what you mean. Who blocked it? If I click on the play button, I can play it back in my browser without problems, it is just that it immediately begins to play the next video after it completes the playback. If I click on the name of the video, it leads to my account at Dailymotion, where I can play it back too. Anyway, I chose this platform because it is free and anonymous.

There is a court decision on which access to it is blocked for illegal distribution of copyright content. We seem to be on the Internet, and the courts and legislation in each country is different. So everything can be and in your country it will also be blocked someday.

Are you saying that Dailymotion as a platform is blocked in the country you’re in, but not in mine (I’m in Germany) on the basis of a court decision? This is very strange. Can you play back my other Dailymotion animation in your country (USS Frankfurt joins the 17th Fleet)? I guess I may have to move to another video hosting site if the problem spreads to other countries.

If you really care about https://tass.ru/obschestvo/3968826

Thank you for the clarification. You could use a VPN service next time.