$84...How Can This Be?

I was on turbo squid just looking through their models and I found this.
It was $84.00, how can this be? It says its animated and all but what is worth $84?

trust me, that is not the biggest rippoff on turbosquid

Ya I know theres models for like $9000 that are not worth it at all.

I’m not really all that impressed with most of the models on turbosquid. I wonder if they publish statistics of the number of models sold on that site.

I was at one time thinking about selling some models there, but then they screwed up ( lost ) an order of mine twice in a row, so I sort of lost faith in their ability to do business. They did send me a cool t-shirt, though it was not worth the several weeks wait for my software. But anyway, they don’t make the prices, the artists do that. Curious that someone thinks a squashed sphere with limbs, which is also a ripoff of an exsisting character ( m & m’s ) is worth that kind of money, though, even if he does have facial expressions.

Q: How much will I make on each product I sell?
A: We’re very proud of the fact that we return an average of 50% or more of the proceeds of most sales to the artist. That’s 2 - 3 times the current industry standard

Taken Off Turbosquid site. Maybe thats why the artist set the pricing so high…

The worst ripoff I could find:

http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/270775 artifacts like nobody’s buisness.

but if you place any value on your time, estimate how long it would take you to model, texture, rig, and shapekey that M&M guy. Divide 84 by that number and maybe it would be worth it. Also it would be worth it if you had to do an animation by the end of the week. It might give a good starting point that puts you way ahead of the game.

actually turbo squid does change prices.

I chose a price for my tank, then turbosquid did something (changed it, or locked the price), meaning i couldn’t change it later.

maybe blender should sell its own models
i think they are afraid of blender as competition
some of the models they sell are overated junk

This one’s pretty bad.

man…that´s sad, it´s like there are no monitoring or moderation at that place at all,
no standards whatsoever.

I guess they don´t really care - if you´re interested - you´d probably find something
to purchase at a reasonable price anyway, but it is like sifting through garbage
to find the useable stuff.


I don’t understand why anybody would buy models anyway… how are you supposed to learn to model or make CG art if you never model anything yourself?

And to top it all off, the M & M guy is probably illegal, to boot. Sweet.

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10*1000/2= 5000 dollars in his pocket.

maybe blender should sell its own models

although i see your reasons, i’m a bit disappointed. blender is free. blender is open-source. blender is for everybody. that’s why i support the BMR! (other than the fact i host it)

i think the reason the M&N is 84$ is because it was actually featured on a whole advertising campaign. i guess their mascot should be worth that much if the model was the original. but yeah, seriously, i wouldn’t pay 84$.

oh yeah, the sci-fi battle suit one is … sorry, i’m crying on my keyboard

ya and if you look at the side there is models that are 100 times better and like a sixth of the price

The only reason you would model your own character is to have an “unique” character for your project. Everybody can buy these models and use them in their projects, your not getting exclusive rights to use the model. Which is the only reason I can think of to remotely justify those price tags. Besides when you put a model for sale on a site like this you don’t need to break even on one sale or even 10.

just my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue: