87,000 pixel wide photo

dunno if this has been posted before, but check the detail on this photo, its supposedly 87,000 pixels wide…and it doesnt take to long to load :slight_smile:


got it out of 3D world

yea it looks like it will be a number of photos stitched; but the detail is just amazing :eek:

Hmmm. I dunno if it was stitched. I thought I read on slash dot recently about a camera capable of taking shots like that. Still, anyway, nothing says ‘wicked-awesome’ like being able to zoom in a spec in the horizon and have it turn into a building with cars all around it.

I wouldn’t mind having that zoom-in capability for google earth.

looks stiched to me…

Trak Wrecka: Really? Could you post a screen-shot of the stitching line or photo contrast differences you see? Cause I couldn’t see any. It’s early in the morning, though, so I’m probably not up to it.

uhh…i dont think they would make this if the stiches were supposed to be seen…so i really cant see them…but its also really early in the mornin here too…

There’s a mountain pic on the site where there’s no stitch line but there are 4 suns. Photoshopped or something.

Check out this Popsci article: Gigapixel camera

The stitching job is pretty good, but it is stitched.

Here is a small section from the left-hand part of the picture when zoomed all the way in. (And yes, it DID load the new zoom level and isn’t just the low level preview)

You can see there is a focus difference between two of the panels. The upper half is out of focus compared to the panel it is stitched with directly below.

ha i told you so…:stuck_out_tongue:

Ohh… Yes, very interesting. Good job, 86, I might not have noticed that.

Yeah, LOTRJ, that’s the camera I was thinking about.

Trak Wrecka: Yeah, that’s right, ‘you told me so’, as if I said you were wrong, methinks you gloat too much. :stuck_out_tongue: You were right, but knowing you it was probably by accident.

excuse me…it wasn an accident…:rolleyes:…im jus damn smart…:stuck_out_tongue: