8Gb of RAM : useless?

After a problem with my RAM, I changed to 8GB. I was expecting Blender to get higher performances for the sculpting. But it starts to lag the same way that when I had 2Gb when reaching 1.5 million poly. OK, I can reach 6 million poly, and I could not do that before, but it is totally unusable and bugs quickly (actually I cannot even bake the normal maps (bugs) so it has a limited interest)
Is 8Gb useless on Blender?

Performance depends on you OS, graphics card and CPU aswell. Also what type of RAM is it?

Also if you want to use 8 gb of ram you need to use a 64 bit OS, if you aren’t already

Performance of the 3D view depends much more on your graphic card than it does on your RAM (down to a certain threshold).


I tried on linux 64 bits. The 8 Gb are recognized and used.
It is DDR2.
Actually my expectations on sculpting were not about speed, but the possibility to handle more vertice. But it actually make sense that then blender has to calculate the position/display of them and that the CPU is limiting.
I am wondering if there are some other area in blender where having this level of RAM can be a great advantage.

Have you seen how much RAM Yafray uses for a high resolution, complex, ‘Best’ quality render?

As it posted elsewhere, I have a dual-boot station with 8GB of RAM. One boot is WinXPPro32, which can only address 3+?GB RAM and cannot render most of the tested scenes from Big Buck Bunny. My second boot is UbuntuStudio64, (highly recommended) which immediately sees and uses the 8GB of RAM, renders the scenes from BBR just fine using the Blender64. Number of vertices/polygons, etc. is very dependent on the OS, type/amount of RAM, software version, graphics card, updated and appropriate drivers, etc… (rant) I just want to render my 3D scenes… (/rant)

8 GiB ram are useless for sculpting.
Displaying masive amounts of Polygons (vertices and wireframes are not very performance eating) is soley task of the Graphicscard.
Rotating and transforming them would be the job of the CPU. (partly)
holding rotation matrix and the coordinates would be the job of the ram.

But considering the ram prices nowadays it was no loss at all. you will use huge amount of ram if you do renders for posters, or massive postprocessing with composition nodes.
You cant replace ram with anything beside more ram ^^

The RAM will really help once you get that quad core processor, and dual SLI video cards! But then you probably won’t be Blending as much as playing Crysis.


8 Gigs of RAM with linux means you’ll be able to render out some massive scenes, the improvement will be most apparent if you use things like displacing a subsurfed mesh.

8 gb of ram ? Wow and I only have 256 meg…

Just wondering, what OS do you run?

Get more RAM then, now, you’ll never be able to render very large scenes with 256 megs.:RocknRoll:

For most people it isn’t that easy. :slight_smile:

If people can make good stuff with 256 megs of ram and a slower cmputer, more kudos to them.
I have an old pc which I don’t use for much anymore, but it can still handle a lot of what the average CG joe creates anyway.
Having an old computer doesn’t really have to be a limitation. It makes you learn to optimise.

I have 8 GB of RAM and I have sculpted a character at 4 million polygons. In order to be able to sculpt that kind of detail with ease you must use the Partial Redraw option in sculpt mode. You can also hide parts of the mesh in order to increase performance. (I know that you may already know these, but I just had t mention it)

Here´s the thread showing up my progress.


I also have a 4 Cores Phenom Processor, and I was able to take the model to 16 million polygons without crashing. Unfortunately, it was almost impossible to work with that kind of density in the viewport.

Concerning the Normal and Displacement maps, I have also been able to bake 12288x4096 maps out of the 4 million polygons model (Actually there where two 4 million polygons models in the viewport).

My OS is Kubuntu 64. I think that you definitely should be able to notice a big difference with 8GB of RAM, specially when managing large scenes, and I must say that blender isn´t buggy at all when when working with sculpt or making displacement maps, maybe you should use an optimized build or try to build blender yourself in order to imrove performance.