9/11 Remember thing (very simple)

I made this for a report I needed to do. It has the list of everyone who died, non-repeating, from the fox website. I got the flag off a google flag search. It’s just a simple, flat, flag image on a cloth, silk-simulated plane.

The second one is the mitch filtered…I think… Hopefully you all can tell :slight_smile:


An effective quick solution. Could be a bit sharper though; try rendering with the mitch filter.

Not a bad emotional piece of work.

Simple, but very well done. Good job. I think some one deserves a fishy stick…http://www.bncomputing.com/ob/fishystick.jpg

I don’t like that composition.
I read it like - those people are just a list of names and the country is above all.
The message is incomplete.
I respect your work - no offence!