I did this on the night of 9/11, 2006. I think it’s really powerful


very nice. i started modelling the silver bell they rang at the memorial last year, but i didn’t get it done. i like yours.

Thanks Lua! Do you live in Hawaii or something? just kidding, is that your real name or what? w/e. How long have you been here?

the buildings are angled and the plane flies straight? Also there was much more of an explosion than that. I think you need to work off of a better reference. This is a very touchy subject. and should be done with a definition of either realism or abstract, in this case it only lends its self to be a mixture of both, making it look like poor CG. I suggest you move to the Focused Critiques section and let everyone have there say on such a piece as this.

ok. Thanks. I actually have another render I have somewhere, but until I upload it, I won’t be able to show it. It has a better lighting quality and stuff. But yeah, I do agree. The explosion was bigger than that. Also, the location of the planes in relevance to the location and rotation of the buildings was directly intentional. Otherwise, I would be pretty stupid thinking that both planes crashed five seconds in between!

eric: nah, i’m not from Hawaii, but it’s funny, because Lua is a nickname I picked because it makes me relax. anyways, i’m from Indiana, born and raised. My real names Marty. :slight_smile:

nice image. The smoke isnt even half bad :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s it…