9 man team

i want to start a 9 man team, a team with people who are new to blender but know what they are doing. i need 2 modelers,1 programmer,2 texturer and a sound artist and a game designer.

These are the positions need filled. If you know how to do the other positions other then your own, well that is even better.i am a modeler and i am learning texturer and programing, but still don’t know much I’m looking for people who willing to learn and have fun making blender games and might do a movie. Will start off small and then work our way up to bigger projects. If you are interested in joining please e-mail me at [email protected] or just reply on this thread. I’m hoping this group can go far.

Look blender kid,
i dont mean to be harsh but this is a little ridiculous. Have you not learned from what people have told you after you started a very similar thread? Show some work! Show people that you can make a simple game first before trying to round up a team of 9 people and just start making a game!
you gotta realize that this isnt going to go anywhere…for more reasons that i care to list but which im sure dozens of people have already told you. Why not just make a simple game first and show that you can actaully do something instead of starting another thread with the same idea you (and many other people have) and fail to complete?
here what you should do in my honest opinion… DONT start a thread just because you have an idea. Only start one if you have something to show to us. Its ok that you have an idea, but dont just post an idea, post some pics or outline or models or concept art or anything really! It just seems piontless to me to start a game thread with nothing more that an idea.

this is for i can learn, and people like me too

I never said people didn’t like u i simply said that you have been told many times by many people that this isnt going to work. Good luck with this.

He has had more than one thread on this?

Anyways blender kid I will tell you a much more simple way that I learned blender than whatever your idea is. Youtube. That’s it. There are hundreds of blender and python tutorials on youtube and that is where I have learned almost everything, well and a little from www.tutorialsforblender3d.com because I really don’t think that having a whole team is that good of an idea to learn from anyways the team will want to make a game not tutor you.

no i only have 2

2 is more that 1 blender kid…

i am already makeing a simple game

Thats good, thumbs up for you!!! How long have u been working on it?
And would u mind posting some screens? I could give u some pointers on things that might need improving :wink:

Come on guys, you all used to pick on me and I turned out okay. I know you’re trying to help him by encouraging him to watch tutorial videos and all. But for me, I can’t do that, I have a short attention span. Just like when I started programming PHP I jumped into it, downloaded some scripts, played with it and learned. That was 5 years ago, now today I own a big text based game. Just from learning while experimenting.

Same goes with blender, I only watched the beginner tutorial about the interface, the basics on how to use blender. After that it was fully speed ahead. I get my hands dirty and just create create create, some models are garbage, others are good. But now I am finally out of the beginner stage and it’s only been 9 months!

I never picked on you anyways I am just trying to help him out.

heres some work i done before http://www.mediafire.com/?2ntv5bo5eqizx

This is why it’s hard to take this section of the forum seriously, wheres the moderation?

And blenderkid strikes back. Its weird how mutch he wants a team, I allways do make my games by myself, only recently im receiving help directly on the game.
Every one tried to say him what to do, so lets just ignore him, if someone want to join, let them join if not, well nothing changes.

If you think something needs moderation then report the post (small triangle in the bottom left corner of every post). I havent seen anyone, including yourself report this so far.

blender kid, Please have a good think on what you really want. This is the second thread you have started in the Team Projects forum, you cannot reasonably believe both are possible. I would suggest you join another team which is already underway to gain experience so any projects you want to do in the future will have more chance of success. Also before you start threads you should read the stickies at the top of the forum.

P.S. I have closed your previous Team Projects thread which would seem now to be dead given this new thread. If you want it reopened inform a moderator.