9 minute array

Behold, my largest array animation yet.
If the video is too long for you skip to 3:57, it really gets cooking there. But please watch in FULL SCREEN and in 1080p!




This is way too long and quite boring.
To fix this, take the whole thing, and put it into an editing program (next time only render the shots you need). Take the best shots, and line them up with the beats of the music. Don’t focus on on one thing too much vary it up , mix camera angles close up far shots etc.
Get rid of the awful background and ease up on the bright colors, its very hard on the eyes.
I would say keep the whole thing to a min or two long, no-one wants to look at cubes for 10 minutes.
Hope this helps, good luck.

Thanks for your constructive criticism. Some things.

Believe me I did edit this thing down in a another program. The background is quite shit yes and the video is extremely bright. Probabaly not the best in that department. And every time I make one of these in hindsight I wish I would of moved the camera more.

  • I’ve made shorter Arrays of what you’ve described see this playlist >

  • For this video I wanted to push the limits and make a somewhat crazy music video. I agree the slower moving parts are boring and I will stay away from doing that in the future, but the slower, and faster, parts do match the music at times. If you have the patience I suggest watching the entire thing?

  • Something I’ve noticed about people’s renders and the community in general… videos are usually 7-60 seconds long. I find this not all that interesting. More of a test than anything else. I wanted to render something that would require a few days to finish rendering. After having this long render under my belt, everything else render wise this week has seemed short and painless. A nice lesson to have, patience, as I plan to start rendering long 3-8 minute story bits for my game project.