'9' Shane Acker

I hope im not doubleposting this, like with the kiwi animation. I did a search so here goes:

I found this incredible animation called ‘9’ by Shane Acker. Its a bit dark, but very entertaining, very creepy and beautifully made.


Wow, very nice.

One of the most creative animation pieces I have seen to date. I read that it took him 4 years to put it all together. I guess that’s what it takes when your doing something pretty much on your own.

To stick with the whole thing that long is a talent all in itself, not to mention that he actually finished it, and that it’s quite good too.

Thanks for sharing.

I agree with Social- also, very inspiring for me. Makes me want to go out and make a movie myself (not that I’d get even close to finishing it)

I tried making a movie too, I just dont have the patience this guy has, I guess:) Also, I would have to learn a lot more to be able to create something similar…