9 Tech demos for download and study...

some of you might have seen these before but i just want to post the link again since i’ve updated some of those to 2.42(pre) compatible.







Enjoy! And C&C welcome, as always :smiley:

very nice, i havent seen these.

the top three are the only ones i can download though. the others have broken images and link me to your homepage…

I didn’t link the .blend file to the image, all the images are static and only serve as a teaser of what i have on my site. THe actual links to the site is at the bottom of my first post.

yeah, i know…:slight_smile:

when i click the second link that you provided at the bottom of your first post, the links on that page…

C & C?
What can I say
Your demos are impressive and quite beautiful…but they’re not games
Too much polys to be suitable for a Blender Game I guess
The most important function that Blender lacks is the " Programmers meet Level designers" Logic Brick :slight_smile:
thanks for sharing you work.

i have to agree woth oto, these aint games they interactive 3D enviroments, and wel made ones, but not games.

Right forum but wrong labe on your web sight :wink: but after seeing these i would love to see you make a game…definatly would be stunning

Mpan3 - the links for the last 6 files don’t work. Looks like you used forward slashes “” instead of backslashes “/” in your links.

Everybody else - hey, give the guy a break. The title of the post is “9 tech demos” no mention of the word “game” anywhere, and as such they may be valuable as sources of info / inspiration. Thanks for sharing Mpan3!

Obviously, yall didn’t surf the site a bit. He is making a game, and a very pretty one, at that. I still have a demo on my compy, from back when the thread surrounding his game was active.

I’ll look at the demos after I’m done with this post.

Well, I’ll try to explain better the meaning of my previous post
The demos are very nice, and very useful to learn the Game engine
My point it’s not the demos
My point is that unfortunatelly, at the moment, as far as I know, the blender
users/community don’t have made a complete game with this graphical quality
or original/inovative concept

bigkahuna, thanks for the tip. The site is fixed now. (I hope…)

And yes I agree that none of the demos i posted can be really called a game, maybe except for the space shooter one, i must admitt that i find it a lot easier and funner(more fun?)just to make little demos and tiny games as oppose to staring on a massive project. And since i don’t know much python, making a ‘full’ game is a bit beyond me.