9 to 5 Apocalypse

My latest character, made in Blender and Substance Painter. Had a lot of fun with this one. Let me know what you think and check out more renders and GIF breakdown on the ArtStation post https://www.artstation.com/artwork/O5NW8


Absolutely amazing work from concept to finished project! Overall is good and idea too.
P.s: Maybe post your SSS Node to us?:slight_smile:

This looks AMAZING! Congratulations.


I used the principled shader for most everything in this scene. I used the default SSS color with a mask for the factor. The mask was partially painted and partially generated by a curvature map made in substance painter

Poor guy :frowning: Amazing work!

Nicely done… I like it.

very well done!

Nice work.

really cool - catches interest - his look in his existence makes sense. poor guy! :slight_smile: love this work.

Truly amazing.

i have a small question, though: the beard stubble is made with particles, right? is there a way to finely control where it will spawn the hairs? it ended up with some black dots on his lips.

Seems brilliant. But only as a side note from an absolute beginner, what type of lighting were you going for, photo or environment? As the lighting is great but slightly too bright in all directions (no shade points or limited shading on edges for shadow darkness etc). For photo it’s great, for other it’s great, but a little bright in white on the right chin and eye/cheek area where darkness seems as if it would go, depending on light source directions (i’m assuming left side) of course?

Totally absurd. Like it more than you. Keep grinding!

Haha yes. It was made with particles. I use weight painting to control the density/where they spawn. I fixed the lips for the close-up face render but didn’t have time to re-render the first shot, so people like you with a keen eye have been noticing the lip hairs haha

Amazing. Can’t wait to learn to do this.

I think I have realised what the issue may be? Possibly. The fresnel auto-fix on the principle shader may only be working in a minimal way or the fresnel auto-fix is somehow cancelled out. The reflective light source looks like lighting, not reflection. Fresnel auto-fix seems to possibly be the issue? Maybe.

Beautiful, the skin looks so translucent on the nose and the ruddy hues compliment his features nicely! Congrats

This one is so detailed. Love it.

Strong work.