9 year old --- BLENDING

hello friends.
i am udayan chavan from india .
i am 9 years old and learning to use blender.

your critiques and comments are welcome.:evilgrin:



First off, for the completed works section it is best to have a full scene not just a “test object.” Also the rubber for the calculator buttons needs some specular. Overall presentation needs work.

{This post contains wrong information on my part; please disregard it}

Are you serious? is that all you can say about this piece? Poor form sir!

@ udayan, Pretty impressive for a 9 year old to have the inclination to sit down and learn blender. Well done, I look forward to seeing more of your work.

crits: The ‘X’ and ‘+’ symbols look like they are off-center.

Welcome…this is indeed a fine start …enjoy every minute…and please…when you’re 15 or 16… remember to be kind to us old folks plodding along.

nice, i started when I was 11, 3 years ago, and if you can put up with the learning curve for a while, it all starts to get a lot easier,
here is me at 11:
And me at 14:

9 years old…? It certainly shows that Blender is an accessible program to people of all ages. All I can say is that you will certainly progress far by starting at this age. Start with the simple things and build your way up. You managed to texture the calculator which must have meant you UV unwrapped it and thats impressive. I only managed to understand how to UV unwrap objects and textures recently.

Man if you keep up like this by the time your are 18 or 19 you will be scary good. This is an impressive start regardless of your age now give us MOAR!

Thanks everybody for your suggestions and guidance. I’ll keep posting my latest work here.
PorkFist, I can’t UV map an object yet, I just modeled everything.
Hello, the squidifier, nice work!
(I am taking help of my dad to use this forum.)

wow, nice work brother, I expect to see a lot more cool things from you in the future.

edit: try making the solar cell black green.

I do admit I forgot to add the positive part/section that I normally do, but nonetheless giving honest feedback is better than just giving positive feedback.
For 9 years old it is very impressive.

Looks great, but the red sensor at the top should have some lines in it, not very noticeable but a little.

I apologize for my rant earlier. Zeffi and Optikz you are completely right. Sorry for bringing this thread off topic.

udayan, I’m amazed, you have a bright future!

Good enough to sit in on the desk in any animation I could make. :slight_smile: Great job little man!