90 degree turns like in TRON

Hey all, I did a Lightcycle from the movie Tron https://blenderartists.org/viewtopic.php?t=5624 and was wondering if there is a way to animate it moving at 90 degree turns. I tried to do a key frame thing but the cycle rotates before it gets to the turn. It kinda looks cool but not what im looking for. Any help please

If it’s one mesh, keyframe it to change rotation from 0 to 90. Now in the IPO window press the T key and change interpolation type to constant. As the IPO looks, this will cause a sudden change of direction. Experiment with it. However, if the light cycle is made of many parts (I can’t quite tell from the pic) you might have to join them or try using parenting to get all the parts to move together. Good luck - I like Tron (eh, the game- haven’t seen the movie yet)

Another option is to do three IPO keys. Say the bike turns on frame 30. You need one at 29, turn it on 30, and on 31 have it move again. I don’t think it’ll be noticible because of the tight turns.

When I need to use sharp turns for objects, I convert the IPO’s curves to Vectors where needed. For me at least, I seem to have better control of when and how fast the object will turn.

one way to have the thing turn instantly without losing the interpolation is to enter one key like it is at frame X and the enter it’s next position at frame X+1. sounds simple, but it can cause many problems sometimes.

ok ill try all of the above and see which one works best thx all

If it’s turning before it moves around the corner, it sounds like you have your position keys and rotation keys out of sync. You can use the N-key in the IPO window to get exact coords of the keys.