90 sec archiviz film


I am looking for very experienced Archiviz blender artists to help me create a stunning 90 second short animation film. It is not a normal architecture film where you pan around rather we are trying to tell a story of the architecture

  1. We have most of the building modeled
  2. We are a bunch of architecture students looking for help
  3. We are looking for Archiviz and experienced artists only
  4. deadline is end of march
  5. budget can be discussed moving forward around (1500-2500 USD)
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Send me a DM if you’re interested! ^-^

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Do you have a discord or something so we can discuss further.

Hi @Thesis_Final

I am interersted in your requirement and will be glad to assist you as an archiviz blender artist to create a short animation film

please reach me out through skype : cis.am3 or discord : frank700#7238 to discuss further

Will show you some sample work.

Hoping for prompt response


Hi !
Kindly check your DM !
Regards, Rajeev.

Hello, have you found someone for the job ?

Hello There,

I can do excellent walk through videos in any given style you need. I work in Blender and please find some of my work attached here.

Rocky Dash


I am very intrigued by your project and would love to lend a hand.

Here is my portfolio and a video of my main archiviz projects.

Thank you very much and I look forward to your response!
Best Regards
-Alex K.

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