90 seconds of animation per day - looking for tips, tricks and shortcuts

My goal is to be able to create 90 seconds of animation per day. I would greatly appreciate some guidance to help me formulate this. Assume I know the basics of the interface.


  1. Each animation should tell a story (not just a bouncing cube)
  2. Invest no more than 2 hours per animation (not counting story development etc…)

Quality Constraints:
I’m fully aware that I will have to impose some serious quality constraints.
My current guesses look like this:

  • avoid walk cycles
  • use existing rigs
  • do something in Grease Pencil
  • stay low poly.

I’m sure I don’t know enough at this point to determine what are the best constraints to ensure I am able to pull this off, maybe my proposed constraints are meaningless. Any input is welcome.