'90s "Console Wars" be like

I thought it would be a blast to poke fun at the old “Console Wars” of the '90s, so here we are: XD

This was a super fun project, and I learned a fun new technique for how to simulate HAIR with vector paint and BUMP MAPS:

  1. Simply Vector Paint every other edge running along the lock of hair.
  2. In Material Nodes, multiply the vector paint input by some number (like 5, 10, 20, etc).
  3. Then take the Sine of the result and feed it into the BUMP MAP.

That way, you get finer strands of “hair” bumps as a result.

Link to .BLEND file should be below. I’m releasing this with a CC0 license :slight_smile:


Please feel free to tell me what you think :slight_smile: Peace and God bless!