'97 Acura 2.2 CL (WIP) - tips helpful !

Hi ppl,
I’ve been procrastinating on some homework today, and I made this car…

oh yeah, and its the first car I’ve actually gotten this far on (see, procrastination is a good thing :D)

well, I’ve finally got to get to the homework… but…

when I do “have time”, how do I complete this car? (eg: where do I go from here? )

specifically,how do I model the lights, details, and interior?

any tutorials you guys can suggest?
if you could also mention tips / things that help you model too (or just comment) , that would be great!

Thanks :D!



bump! :smiley:
… tips would be appreciated :)!

Optimize your topography, don’t make a dense mesh for a simple curved surface, such as a hood. Use as little polys as you can, it’ll make it much easier to tweak later. Also, the ‘smooth’ function is your friend.

Separate, separate, separate. You’re only giving yourself a bigger headache by modeling it all in one piece, that forces you to try and make unified topography for the entire shape of the car, which is NOT efficient.

Double-up edgeloops to make nice looking creases, especially around the headlight area.


Good luck.

Go check out Rogper’s thread on the Opel GT =). That should be all the info you need.

I’d recommend modeling the lights, details and interior as separate objects. The interior as many separate objects, if you are going to go for a very realistic model, perhaps some shots of the interior or with the door open.

Alt+b will give you a view of a slice of the car, so you can fit the pieces together. H will hide selected verts, so you can work in the same area without selecting them. If the pieces are separate objects, you can use the outliner view to make some unselectable, which might help speed things up while you’re working.

Don’t forget to model a good looking blonde to lean against the finished car. Adds lots to the resale value… :wink:

thanks for the tips HoboJoe, Krayon, and Orinoco…
looks like I need to start over with the separate pieces :smiley:

update : I decided it would be easier if I just took pictures of my car and just make it up as I go :slight_smile:
started with the grill…

I need a good chrome material… shiny and reflective… any tips on how to make that with nodes?

comments appreciated!