98' honda civic, 2 door.


ive been wanting a honda civic 2-4 door…1998 model EX
and i cant seem to find anything…and yes im a stupid 15 year old that knows ot much about cars…but i know basics…and im serious about this…

Whats the max motor the car can have…in cc’s(or wtv…)

can a V8 fit in there lol?

Were can i get body kits for this?-(side skirts, bumpers LED/NEONs, turbo charger, super charger, fuel injectors, roof scoop…etc.)

i just wanna know how good in performance i can make my car and visually also…

(and yes i know this is like my 15th thread about cars…lol)

If you want a car - get a diesel. I heard about toyata corrollas this morning on the radio. Diesels are better for the long term, and can pretty much see you through to 1/2 your life time if you look after it well. And you mentioned body kits . . . don’t even go into boy racing stuff as it just annoys the heck out the general public. Assaults on boy racers is not un-common, and death too is at the door.

Errr, four wheels (five if you count the steering wheel, six if you count the spare) some windows, an engine and a sh!tload of cash for fuel. That’s my idea of a car. : ) Now that I’ve completely idiotized myself I wonder if you’ve tried car forums and automobile sites?

Buy a car with some style like Audi or BMW and drive it nicely. Dont horse around and do not add any kind of body kits to it. You will have much more respect from the general public.

As far as body kits go when you get older you realize how lame those things are. So dont waste your money.

Umm, ok thanks for the tips :smiley:
I know about general publics respect, but i never really considered it…
And NO, im never gonna get some sortof exotic car. i hate them.
No one knows about how much HP and torque i can push out in my civic?
thanks anyway :slight_smile: