99 little images ?

I have been doing touts. to include animation . the lessons are for blender 2.50x. my latest question is, when i go to render animation after saving file, in this case to desktop, why do i get an image of every frame ? i was supprised to see 99 desk top icons on my screen. i found more in tmp. In the render output panel i could not find the option as shown in tout, QUICKTIME mode. does 2.62 still have this mode or a comprable setting ? i tried a render in jpeg, nothing, it renderd in mpeg. was jpeg the reason for all the icons ? i tried that cause i saw it listed ,on, under the Quicktime video box that i couldnt locate. can anyone point me in the right direction on this ? Thanks, bs.

On windows version (apparently not on linux and mac) PSD, GIF and Quicktime support have been dropped unfortunately, i don’t know the reason, but if you want to use Quicktime for making videos in Blender in windows, you will have to use a version inferior to Blender 2.58 (as it was when Quicktime+PSD+GIF support was officially dropped from windows version of Blender).

For the rendering of your animation, you have each frames saved as a picture, probably because of this :

By default Blender will save each frames into a PNG picture, if you want to save it as a video, you’ll need to click on that PNG button, and in the drop down menu appearing, then change it to one of the movie formats (by example AVI Raw) instead of an image format.

Thanks again Sanctuary, i had the feeling i had hit the wrong render format by looking at the image on the tout, of quicktime being selected, with jpeg. showing in options box. i couldnt find quicktime so i chose jpeg. i will soon release my new toutorial on mass deleations. Like the police used to tell me “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. from now on i will render all animations in movie formats, hopefully that will solve that. when i rendered in mpeg. my animation came out looking great. thanks alot!