99 Red Balloons - Wallpaper size

Hey guys!
I have no idea how to change the thread titles on older threads (correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s impossible after the first few hours of the thread’s opening), so I thought I’d release this here.

This was probably one of my shortest ever projects; I finished it in less than a week.
It’s based on the song ‘99 Luftballons’ by Nena, in which a couple release 99 red balloons together, unintentionally starting a war when two opposing countries launch tactical strikes against the ‘ufo’ (the cluster of balloons. The opposing countries believe the balloons to be some sort of advanced weapon sent by their enemies.).
Goldfinger has done a popular cover, as have many other artists. The english translation is slightly different.

Created in Blender, post production (curves, brush-based touchups using standard brushes and blurring) done in Photoshop CS2. Textures from CGTextures.com (these guys have a heap of free textures - I owe them!)



The lighting needs somewhat more punch, and if you’re trying to displace the terrain, you really need to subsurf it heavily otherwise it’ll have ugly faces which are all over the terrain here. The texture is good though.

Plus, a few of the balloons are butchered from .jpeg compression, I’d suggest compressing it a little less.

Ohhhh, that’s super lovely! The only thing I see that doesn’t fit it is the rightmost red balloon, it’s receiving an abnormal lighting. Yay. Other than that, this is really really awesome! I would love to see more of this. :slight_smile:

haha, great wordage on the balloons, i love the irony!

overall, a very nice peice. especially like the lighting and sky. four stars from me.

Nice job, I like the balloon material!

I like the terrain!

yep i agree, good job with the terrain

Yeah, but on the left side where the plane is crashing into the rock, its jetstream is casting a shadow on the sky…

the nice wallpapaer i think!

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