99 Red Balloons

I was thinking about my next project while listening to “99 Red Balloons” by Goldfinger. The original song, 99 Luftballons, by Nena, is in German, and tells of a person who releases 99 balloons into the sky, sparking a war when two opposing countries percieve the mass of balloons to be some sort of invading force.

Interesting idea. For the most part things are looking pretty good, but the balloons look a little cartoony for the general mood of the scene. Try fooling around with materials. The clouds look a little bit curved. Adding some DOF could put an interesting spin on the render; I’m not sure if you would want to do that, and if you did, where you would want to put the focus. That’s all I have to say right now.


There are only 85 Baloons.

Oh, thanks man! I thought I only had 89. I was going to add the other 10 in as outliers later on. Looks like I’ll be adding 14 instead.

You COUNTED them? 0.0

I like what I see so far. The SSS on the balloons looks nice, as well as the landscape. There’s probably a little room for improvement, but I trust this will be addressed as you progress.

Little update;

To be honest, im not too keen on the planes.
To me they look more like mini commercial airliners than fighter Jets.

Me too.

Although I like the rest of it, cool idea!

looking good…

balloons should be slightly transparent.

and think about mood: at the moment it’s a nice, happy, sunny day… is that right?

THe baloons are ruining the scene. THey are too bright…if you compare to the rest of the scene. Also they are shadeless…>_>

Minor update;

I can’t decide which is better!

the sun…it has to be directional and can’t be an omni or a spot. the current one is impossible.

I hate to keep on critting this, but the planes vapour trails look a bit too angular for something in flight.

Keep working on it, it is a nice idea with potential!

Still something I’m working on :smiley:
I just need to add a couple more points to smooth it out.

Pretty much finished;

Nice work, but these kind of clouds are high altitude clouds. So, they should be mapped on an horizontal infinite plane, and show perspective. As an infinite plane is not possible, try to give it a slope. The mapped plane will be low in back ground, behind the horizon.

You can also create a false perspective by UV mapping the plane and scaling the front edge, close to the camera.