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That seems pretty political for BA having a ‘no politics’ rule.

It’s a good read, I actually agree with pretty much everything said and it’s a sad world that we live in.

After talking to people around you though you’ll see that people think like this, it’s just they believe they cannot act and say no.

A moment will come when that all changes though, it’s human nature and we are lethargic, we won’t push unless we are being pushed.

What is political about it?

Allow me to clarify a bit… That would be until we REALIZE that we are being pushed.

We are being pushed, always have been, always will be.

It’s human nature to want to dominate and control, but for many people right now life is quite comfortable and those people won’t want to give up what they have to help others, again, that is human nature.

Who knows though, let’s see what the next decade brings us.

In our area of the US the people who want to dominate and control is pretty much balanced out or outnumbered by people who want to help and give to people, charities, and organizations that need it.

I have at times for example gone to our main animal shelter as a volunteer to play with homeless dogs and cats, most were adults, a few were puppies, some were very playful, some didn’t know that they were playing too rough, others were shy.

It’s not uncommon in the weeks before Christmas that a toy charity is robbed and they end up with even more toys than before after news of the incident breaks out.

There are very few, genuinely “kind-hearted” individuals. The vast majority offers insincere help/support in one area, in order to secure a level of moral authority in another.

Self-aggrandizement is the trademark of this selfish lust for authority:

I have at times for example gone to our main animal shelter as a volunteer to play with homeless dogs and cats
Organizations, being collections of individuals, are equally suspect.

Organizations, being collections of individuals, are equally suspect.

Some organizations may be suspect, but the shelter I’ve volunteered at doesn’t seem to be suspect at all, despite the word ‘Humane’ in their name they have they have no affiliation with radical animal rights groups for instance. They have recently moved into a new campus because the old building didn’t have the best design to keep pets comfortable by way of things like every animal having access to natural light.

I do wonder if you actually trust anyone or prefer to see the entire human race volunteer to become extinct.

That is a defeatists attitude…Push back!

we’re all slaves in some level or another, but think of this: I can just get out from the endless cycle of getpaycheck-consume-paythebills by either living as a bum or getting rich. I may get rich solely from my hard work pursuing some creative endeavour of my own that may prove useful to plenty of other people. Not many chances to do that in older societies. It doesn’t even need to be some grotesque show involving deaths or torture like in the past, only useful services or even something as useless as art indeed…

Plus, we’re slaves living like kings of the past could never dream of: fridges, microwave ovens, sofas instead of rigid and uncomfortable wood chairs or benches, automobiles, internet, TV, fast food, pizza delivery, iPhone, impotence and pregnancy control, free porn… the list goes on and on…

I tend to trust those who don’t advertise their “goodness”; the people who let their actions speak to their character.

The fakes are easy to spot, because they have to advertise their “social contributions” on some message-board.

As for the whole “volunteer to become extinct” part:

Only a dolt of your immeasurable scope would wonder that; I am human, and I depend on the services that the human society provides -> why would I want the human race to become extinct?

Your chances of getting rich are directly proportional to your current wealth.

Yes, there are many opportunities today, but you need significant financial resources to pursue either one. If you don’t have those resources, you’ll have to work for some company that specializes in getting rich solely from your hard work, pursuing some creative endeavor that may prove useful to plenty of other people.

I hope that you guys “get it”. Really, really I do.


or the complete opposite: http://www.harrybrowne.org/ArticlesIndex.htm

Hoo boy. Here we go eh? Just more of the same. It has never worked before. Just take a look around. It really is time for a change. It will take a whole new mind set and a change in paradigms to happen. Where can we start?

Individuality is what this country was founded on, and as the whole “team effort” mentality takes over things get worse. All I’m saying is that the original founders of the US learned from the mistakes of life in Europe at the time and set up a free system, which in turn is reverting back to basically an Aristocracy. We may be arguing the same point :wink: