998 th ordered Peach DVD :)

soon reach the 1000 th sold Peach DVD :slight_smile:


It is 1002 now :slight_smile:

Cool! I haven’t ordered though. I recently bought the Essentil Blender Book. Just in case I’ve missed something or want to give Blender classes. It’s a nice little book =).

It’s up to 1075 now - still a few days for people to get it with a discount and a chance to get into the credits.

I won’t be buying the dvd cause I don’t have the money… my new boss is totally underpaying me.

Also, I know the director… and he’s a DICK!

Sago I’m better off with you making the movie then you being on the forum spouting semi-dirty humor in a small spot or two.

Get back to work on the movie. And no dirty humor in the movie unless you want to damage Blender’s reputation.

… oh… we’re gonna need a new script.

Congrats Peach!

@CD; Shut up. Good lord, man, just shut up.

You’re not funny, or clever, so please…

Just shut up.

@CD; Shut up. Good lord, man, just shut up.

You’re not funny, or clever, so please…

Just shut up.

ha… i second that^

No, you just don’t get it, a Blender foundation movie should have a clean storyline, I would be very disappointed if swearing and dirtyness goes into a movie that officially showcases Blender’s capabilities.

C’mon, Sago wouldnt do that. And its not like he’s the only one making the film(duh).

Though if he was and did, it’d be mighty hilarious.

I don’t see Wu and Sago’s movie announced on the blender.org official site. Hence it’s not an official Blender Foundation movie. Get off your high horse, or high dragon or whatever other steed you may have :wink: It’s a free world and they can make any movie they want. And you’re free to choose not to watch it if you so wish.

There are too many threads turning into fights because people post first and think later… Though maybe it just seems that way because of the appearance of a certain 15 year old on the forums in the past week. You know who I mean :eyebrowlift:

And I fully support the total censorship of everything dirty and indecent. While it’s not true in today’s world it should be defacto in some movies like Peach.

Right on!

Btw, there’s nothing wrong or indecent about bestiality, right?..

… right, guys?

as long as it’s hetero… no.

You have to start somewhere… right? I really hope so :-/

Edit: Someone quoted Sago before me. I really hate that.

Censorship, in general, is a bad thing… I mean, who is going to be the judge of what is ‘dirty and indecent’… The heads of religion, government etc? It’s up to us to choose what we look at and what we don’t. Not for others to decide for us.

Relax guys, drop the subject, just be happy that Peach has got its orders.

Alltaken ordered one for me, i think, after i won my bit in the BWC, but thats a different subject. But hey, not all of the orders have been fully paid yet, the money is the important thing…

Of course. I think its actually extremely cool that poeple from all over the world would show such great support for this porject.

If I had some cash, Id get a copy…

I am. Obviously.

And if anyone disagrees, that’s dirty and indecent!