999 posts! (now over 1000)

I sure have been waithing for this, and now it’s happened!

I owe it to everyone on this forum. Thanks everyone!

I have to go now, see you tomorrow!

yeah very close :stuck_out_tongue: I really have to post less, or I will get that ugly stupid useless monkey status too :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Dude, when you celebrate 999 posts make sure you don’t post until after you think people have had their views on the topic. I can tell you probably did that but still it’s for best effect.

:smiley: :smiley: It says “so close” instead of forum monkey

Never noticed that title before. Must’ve posted right past it :frowning:

Ok, I’ll stop waiting. Here is a pic for my records:


/me guesses about 900 of these posts were usless on line comments

You realize of course, that getting so many posts so quickly is true proof that most of your post are without meaningful contribution. This basically means “I reply to almost every thread, but I actually contribute to almost none of them!!!” Congratulations.

When I first registered he was posting like crazy, a I had a lot of good chatting with him and later with prince.

Kansas u were posting like crazy

correction: is posting like crazy

gotta love these “im reaching a [number] post count!” threads…

[blunt sarcasm]
I mean, I really feel like a part of the whole experience when these threads show up…brings a tear to my eye…
[/blunt sarcasm]

hmm, when elysiun get its new design, i recon we should get some code it that when someone turns forum monkey, it checks the average length of there messages, and if the average is like one or 2 lines of text, it drops there post count to 0 and changes there status to mokey spammer :stuck_out_tongue:

levon: I can dig. Who wants to code it? :wink:

OMG, this has been spoken about before:


and I think in other threads I couldn’t find.

Kansas was right, you people who campaign against spam are bordering on becoming spammers yourselves.

Look at the length of the average post length in this thread alone. It’s quality not quantity that determines a post’s usefulness.

Yes, osx, I agree. This forum has been going down the drain FAST.
I hope it’s just a temporary thing…

Wont be while your here.

Seriously your turning into the current cubefan

I wish you would be a better person, Valarking.

Like when I first registered, you were reasonably better.

So please, PLEASE don’t be like this anymore.

You obviously know nothing of what you are talking about. Please keep your mouth shut.

Why, might I ask? Because I’m sick and tired of lonely kids picking fights with me and everyone else on a site that used to be great? Well too bad, I don’t give a shit what you think if that’s the way you look at it. Maybe if you were more specific I would care.
Screw this nice crap, I’m fixing to go back into oldschool valar_king mode…

man for once I totally agree with valarking!

DUDE, you’re wrong in this situation, and he’s right. Most of your post are lame, most of his are almost funny at least.

This forum is full of new comers that spam to get more post or for watever stupid reason. you already have ~ half ~ of my post and I still don’t really know how good you are at blender…since I don’t see much work from you…and that is what I think is the main problem on this forum (cough cough same with you valarking)…

[/pissed off]

COUGH COUGH https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=31035
so many fucking post in the same topic explainning a single thing…