I dont EVER, EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER, want to have to model that shape again. :no:


Thats taken me two days, and a lot of stress, and Im still not really happy =/

I know I`ll probably end up doing them again :spin:

I don’t know why you would want to redo it. I think it’s modeled nicely. It looks like the wheels on a train? They look pretty clean.

Just for reference…


When it gets near the end, and theres like a million vertices to move around, and you get that little problem bit, thats difficult to get too (to put it politely) kinda feels like youre not ontop of things anymore. that gives me the urge to want to give up and start again.
The outsides clean because its just duplicated, its easy to remember the topology, but that inside pivot was a bitch. I cant remember how I did it.

I understand. I can relate. I have an older pc and just figured others did not struggle with handling all the verts as I do. Tedious, it certainly is.

I suppose I could be a bit more organised, use layers and hide things, but its just getting into the swing of doing it. my computers a peice of crap, I have the side off, with a fan blowing in to keep it cool, its a p4. and the fans unbalanced, so it sounds like a vacum cleaner. Id kill to be able to model in silence. =/

Update, last thing for today I think.

Great modelling. Always looks so simple when you see the final result (just like it looks difficult when the modelling is poor).

Just in case you missed it : you can temporarily hide geometry while in edit mode with Alt+B. Makes modelling insides of objects a lot easier. I’m on an old computer too and if Alt+B wasn’t there I probably couldn’t model anything at all.

Ohhh… well thats cool… I was hiding things by selecting vertices then pressing H… which was tedious. alt-b makes things a lot easier. cool shortcut.

love them wheels

thanks man =)

A quick one of todays work. I cant take anymore for now, my eyes are blurry.

Doesnt look much but its taken me hours. Im really not happy with it, BUT its not going to be seen up close so, Im not gonna let it stress me out anymore than it is doing.

I redid that last part about 5 times for better topology >.<

Doesnt look like much

No, doesn’t look like much, but I guess it is supposed to look that way. Keep it up!

Today I got a bit more boxed out, I`ll probably end up re doing it but for better topology and mesh tension, but atleast its there, I can take a break and do some little bits.

Ive been doing some other tests for the scene…

particle gravel. cubes to be replaced by rocks obviously… Which my computer hated btw.

I may use a little bit of particle gravel in the foreground and displacement in the background… I still havent worked out the composition yet.


texture test. Imma have to find a lot more similar rust I think. the last thing I textures was suzanne http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=166630
so thats quite daunting.

Im getting sick of thinking about trains. I dont know where people get the patience to make such detailed models, and so fast.
when I see epic renders, it makes my efforts look lame in comparison.

You’re getting somewhere now.

Model looks right. Could you include a WF?

Gravel looks good, but, if your computer is slow, you might prefer to substitute the gravel particle system with a more simple texture. In the end we probably won’t see a lot of those stones.

Texture looks good. You’ll probably need a few more though.

Your computer is going to hate all the details needed here :). Keep it up.

I will post wireframes but atm, things are changing too much and arent really worth looking at topology wise.
for the distance ill definatly just use textures, but for the foreground, Id have to subdivide like hell to get some realism, so, particles may be easier. not as many as in this picture, Im hoping I can composite layers together. grass will be my friend when it comes to hiding things.

well, atleast it looks like a train now. however I will probably be doing the whole thing again for better detail, as upon discovering better pics, ive missed a lot, so yea.

Probably wont be posting anything for a while.

i can now see the idea of your train :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably wont be posting anything for a while.
doesn’t matter, still will be following it when you post something again :stuck_out_tongue:

and how did you make the rust texture? :eek:
it looks quite real.
(could you share it? :o)


Well, the rust texture, is just an image, uv mapped… its not procedural. so theres really nothing to share. except, get yourself some hi res rust textures. http://mayang.com/textures/Metal/html/Flat%20Metal%20Textures/index.html

the only thing I adjusted in that render was the anti-aliasing to make it sharper.

in the render panel, set the OSA to 16, in the one that says fields/odd/x I set the drop down to CatRoot and setting to 1.06 (which I just did totally randomly…)

there 1 lamp, with no diffuse, in world settings, ambient occlusion set to 32/ and an energy of 3.0

so its just really bumping the settings up on things with a normal image texture…
I had colour and normal switched on and no other specular maps or anything.

perhaps theres some rust in the blender material repository you could learn from if thats what you want to do.

My trains so far from completion, its a childhood memory so if I can get the final scene to look like it does in my head, I`ll be very happy.

but thanks for the comment =)

ok thanks, :slight_smile:
but i think you will archive that image in your mind :wink:
and i know its far from finished, but thats the fun of watching your wip.
see it grow to a real train :smiley:



maybe that tut will help if you decide to animate the train.

for the gravel, you could make a small section of gravel bed, then bake a normal map to a plane.
you could also bake AO
i have a feeling that might do well enough.