9th century stairwell of doom!

I was browsing randomly for some inspiration and came across THIS.

Impressive as hell, but would you really want to walk all the way down for a glass of water?

Could be worse…

…You could be at the bottom, and the ONLY toilet at the top :evilgrin:

The water level was much higher back in the day.

Nope, who’d build steps going INTO the water?

That stepwell was featured in Tarsem Singh’s “The Fall”:

That’s not so far away from my place.
This part of India is an arid desert.
The people respected water a lot and had developed loads of advanced techniques to store water. They are now defunct because of the construction of a canal.
But as water becomes more scarce, the scientists are now reviving those.
Now that they are being studied, the information that comes out about how they worked never ceases to amaze me. Their infrastructure for water management looks space age compared to what we have today.

Nope, who’d build steps going INTO the water?

As i said the place almost always faced drought (like it currently does), so you needed some good amount of water as a backup.

EDIT: No “stairwell of doom” please.

That is just so cool. I never knew those existed.

That’s just awesome right there, It’s a very interesting place indeed, but seriously looks unsafe (no handrails? What if someone trips? Has any tourist died there?)