A 1,200 dollar computer-mouse for the rich snozball inside of you.

If you have money to burn and if your goal is to buy the most expensive version of everything imaginable, this if for you.

If you have a gold-plated CPU tower, keyboard with ruby letters on emerald accented keys, and a monitor with diamond studs around the perimeter, this is for you.

If you want to laugh at the prospect of people spending all that money to buy this which has no advanced functionality not seen in any other mouse, enjoy!:smiley:

Hah! It’s still just a three button mouse. I’ll bet the 3d Connexion mice cost less.

Amazing what the market has to deliver these days. It seems that the variety of products is endless for those with a deep pocket, and little common sense. Hopefully the innovative qualities of this particular includes more than just food for conversation.

Huh. That looks totally un-ergonomic. I bet my wrist would hurt if I used that too often.

Looks like the mouse (hand?) wants us to shutup about it.
This is what your doing… This is what I want you to do.