A-100 Executive Jet Concept


This is a concept I’ve been playing around with over the last year. I drew some inspiration from the C-17 and various Boeing aircraft.

It’s been published already, but I regret not being able to having thought of a good concept for the cockpit. I’m drawing inspiration from the 787 for the cockpit in the future.


it looks amazing , but its too glossy !!!

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Depends on paint finish, color of the paint and lighting. In my case, depicting a plane fresh out of the factory. Also, I would imagine a hi-gloss finish would make sense in terms of frictional forces against the surface in flight.

I had to study alot of photos before deciding on what kind of shine was accurate. I started realizing it depends on the paint finish. Some choose a matte finish, others semi glossy, and others super glossy. The white doesn’t show as much of a gloss as say red (in demo photo)

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oh thats cool !!!

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