A-10X: Custom Warthog/Thunderbolt

Hi All

Here’s a work in progress of an aircraft I’ve been messing around with. Please take a look and tell me what you think so far.

Looks pretty cool.
I dont quite like the blocky-ness near the cockpit on the body, but that is just me.
Make sure your airfoil shape is right, is is immediately noticeable when it is not.

Stealth warthog. Interesting idea. Make sure you have no surfaces perpendicular to the flight path (ie, make those horizontal parts of the canopy jagged.)
I would also stick with one GAU-8 the give more resemblance to the real jet, but that’s just my opinion.

DDD, it’s not a question of liking the “blocky-ness” near the cockpit; it’s part of the stealth design. I take it you probably don’t like the F-117 either? But you do have a point about the airfoils.

Great job so far!


Airfoils can be decieving often.

Some more recent jets in particular fighter jets, have shapes that are badly shaped on purpose. Because the engines get such high speeds anyway the shape need to be odd so that the plane can turn in a reletively tiny space. (relatively tiny space at 800 kph, that is) I like it, but the back end seems a bit out of scale to me, maybe just the render though. Change the lens to 60mm instead of 35. That is closer to the human eye (When you use both eyes, because the image is fused it becomes distorted, giving a higher percieved lens radius)

Good luck!

Very interesting redesign of the A10 shape with the blocky inducing stealth technology.

@aeromodeler, no not too crazy about the f117, weird shape
The reason i commented on the blokiness is because he said it was custom so i assumed he is not exactly following the real thing.

Well you never see rectangular airfoils that was my point.

Thanks for the input.

Yep, it’s most definitely a custom design based on the A10. I considered dropping the engines and giving it something more modern but think that they are the thing that gives the original its character so decided to stick with them.

The airfoils do look a bit to blocky don’t they. The original plane’s wings aren’t like that at all so they’ll either be corrected or redone from scratch. Without this forum I don’t think I’d do anything. It would be just another model left to gather digital dust. :slight_smile:

Will post some updates later.

Quick update:

The airfoils are more natural now. Nice one fellas.

Here’s a quick update.
What do you think of the way the engines attach to the fuselage?


This mounting system seems a bit weak to supports this massive aircraft. I think it should be more beefy to handle the aircraft’s abilities.

Massive? It’s a wee little A-10 size plane. :slight_smile:
How about this for more support:

I think that looks better. There is not much that is “wee” with this tank busting SOB. Its been a few years since I was up close to one, but “wee” is not a work I would think to use.

Ok, so I’ve had it with this model. Anyone else tried to take on something beyond them and gotten fed up with it?

I’ve got a book called “the eco-design handbook” and am admiring the simplicity and beauty in the basic objects within it so might try that angle instead. The epic composited scenes (wanted to do that with this) and all the rest will have to wait. Time to work within my attention span. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

Why did you get fed up with this? Any areas you need help on maybe? After all this is a wip thread.
Yeah attention span is …yeah…i know the feeling.
If you are quitting though i suggest coming back later when you got more skill. I do it all the time on my projects.
But again i dont know why you’re quitting, looks almost done.

The texturing is the main problem. This model is a bit too detailed to ‘start’ with texturing so what I really should do is get some practice in with some basic objects, mess around with normal maps etc then come back to this at a later date. Realistic goals and all of that…

As an example I was messing around with a normal map using a 4096x4096 texture and the lines were still jagged so rather than make excuses I’ll just put this on hold and get some more basics down. This model will be a good template to remodel from with texturing in mind.