A 132's Flight

a simple Cloud Test. :smiley:


Hm…use volumetric rendering. As it is, the clouds look a bit tacky.

That was volumetric rendering.
I must’ve set the material settings for it wrong:rolleyes:

Yeah, change the scattering amounts to a lower value. And also change the density amounts too.

Here is no clouds :slight_smile: Maybe, that is mountains and clouds are on another layer? :smiley:

Okay then!

Yep! That’s my cute little A132! She’s a lively one in a sense. The colors suit her.

And I forgot completely about the cloud generator.

I’d upload the update. But dropbox is being a pickle :mad:

Nevermind here’s the update.

Hehe!! Shes another cute one of my characters.

But I’ve always kind of liked her. Even more so now.

Iced Marshmallows? No offense, it does look a little weird.

Switch the cloud to cumulous.

Use the cloud generator plugin.