a $139 million dollar accident

…involving a picasso painting and a stray elbow:

and this is how to fix such a mistake:

i dont watch the news, so i dont know if this is a well known story or not, and i dont believe that it had been posted yet.

He needs a childproof screen to prevent further damage :smiley:

[napoleon dynamite voice]: Such an IDIOT!

Oops, Picasso would be steaming mad if he was alive today.

139 millions dollar for a single painting? Imagine how much those money could be used to help our economy and stuffs? I dunno, just seems like a HUUUGE waste of money to me.

Would 139 million dollars noticably help an economy with a turnover of 4 trillion last I heard?

sorry, I worded it totally wrong, think of how many people would benefit from this kind of money?

You don’t understand…Sigh… Art is just so powerful man… It captures your spirit, your emotion, your inner being and brings it together to make something so powerful not even I can explain. Art is just so great man…

Art is…

Art is…

Art is…A waste of money :stuck_out_tongue:

In the words of Indiana Jones “It belongs in a museum!”

Welcome to capitalism, please enjoy your stay.

i agree with the words of Indiana Jones! :smiley: