A 1982 Corvette

It started out as a 1982 Corvette, or atleast thats what my blueprints say. Some carenthusiastist might spot many mistakes if this truly was a 1982 model, but I don’t, and thats fine with me.

The front starts to be finished. It is still missing atleast the turning signals, but I don’t know if anything else. The backside is still under work. And the sidewindow is a bit odd (seen in the backwire).

The hubcaps are also still a bit wierd. Also, the windows look strange, partly because theres nothing inside for them to show through. The car doesn’t even have a bottom at the moment. There are slight cracks in the centerline in the render, thats due to the mirroring.


And nice texturing…
Only one tiny thing… as far as i know, the original 1982 corvette has more square headlights, and not as round as you’ve made them.
But i don’t know if your goal is to make it 100% realistic…?

But very cool work! keep it up

You’re absolutely right, they are more squared. Forgot to fix them a while back. This should fix them.

The goal is not to be abso-fricken-lutely 101% realistic. It is however to be in the reagion of being instantly recognizable. So, no minidetails that 1 in 1000 person will see. But the headlights obviously are in the details I will do, thanks for pointing that out.


Much better now =)
Keep it up… - very cool project…

WIP: Supermarine Spitfire

I went shopping for tyres and brake discs. The materials are still off.


Looks very good so far! I’m no Corvette expert but I don’t see anything wrong with it.

The rear is taking on shape.

I noticed some errors with it as soon as it was done, oh well. The rearlights should have more crisp edges (I think you’ll see the roundness of them better aswell then) and the edges around the windows look quite odd (too sharp corners). Nothing is transparent (my Yafray skills seem to be lacking).

Also, theres some text on the gas tank cover (or is it that? that round thing on the center of the backside), but I havent been able to Google what it says, can someone help? Visible for ex. here.

But do comment on the bigger shape of things and make suggestions. I got some interior parts done too, but don’t have a render of them yet.

Edit: Sideview also, I should probablu turn down that sun a bit to see the rear properly.


Good you bought the GoodYears, i would have recomended
for you to buy those.
My crit is great car model, A tuff job of being composited to
an image is what it needs, and shadows casted on to the ground
of an photo also tuff thing to do it well. And if you do such it would need similar environment to reflect as the background image.
–edited-- I think that you should get rid of the pumb map that
is the good year text, it has kind of a plastic look in the white to
black border or maybe the black shader/tire shader needs less specularity and wider specularity area.

great modelling!! my only crit is the perspective…it seems more like a model car than the full size vette.

I don’t know yet if I’ll composit this 'vette in a picture, or build an environment around it. I could use a tutorial on compositing though.

Yes, you can’t make out the pattern of the tire 'coz its too black. I’ll try to enhance it.

To me the side view is the only one that looks like a toy, but I’m sure it will get better once I get it composited or I build the environment around it.

Thanks for the interest, keep it coming.

I found out that my glass isn’t wrong, but that I don’t have enough light in the interior of the car. It shows up allright with blender internal, and with Yafray if I put a lamp inside the car. Should I go ahead and put a lamp with low energy in the car? Or could it be the lack of the interior that makes it too dark, if it doesn’t have anything to reflect from (other than two seats)?

I tested compositing a little (my first tries). I think the perspectives don’t matchup. Maybe I should have been a little closer to the nose of the car. I don’t know, I’ve been staring at it for too long, you tell me whats wrong with it. All tips apreciated.

Oh yeah, I allmost forgot. I know theres no windows on the car, and only one seat. And you can see through those opening in the front.


I think the perspectives matchup.
Light making the shadow should be pointing almost if not straight downwards. And there should be a soft shadow.
Here is possible approximate settings:
light: spot
shadow: Buf shadow
put samples up
put soft up
set the Clip Start and Clip End. That is done so that the line starts at before the car and ends after the plane.

I don’t think the perspective looks right in the radio station shot. The front end of the car is too low, or the back end too high.

Ok, scrap the compositing for now. I think I’ll build the environment. I’ve been dabbling with a few sets, one on a ‘rest-stop’. I picture it as a place to stop and stretch your legs, with the cliffs dropping sharply in to the ocean down below. Thats why those fences are there. You can almost hear the seagulls if you concentrate.

Thats a palmtree at the left, and theres a couple of rocks. The car is standing on sandy asphalt. There was a bit of a hasle with the fences, you can see thers a duplicate on top of the other, I promptly removed that.

The other one is an urban brick walls, dumpsters and graffiti setting. That one is still in the works.

Now, comments, ideas, suggestions? Yes, I will add windows to the car, but other than that it looks to me quite finished (oh, some lights still missing from the front), what do You think?

Edit: It seems the rearviewmirror is sticking through the roof :slight_smile:


Nice work man.
I am wandering if you can get some nice reflections into
the car surface with the other set, since there is a wall
with graffitis or something like it.
The palmtree shadow is a nice touch on this
I quess you will prepare the drivers seat and the rearviewmirror.

Love the palm shadows. Coming along quite nice!!

Those could be very nice, I admit. Those could also show you every little distortion that the mesh has. Oh well, we’ll see.

Yeah, I like the palm shadow too. And it was just an expirement, “hmm… what if there was something casting a shadow on the hood…”

Didn’t even notice the drivers seat before you pointed it out, thanks. All those misshaps are due to the fact that I moved and resized the car and forgot to do the same for those accessories

Heres the setting from another angle. Theres a hole in the roof, and for the love of god I don’t know where it comes from. No bad normals, it is the same material as the exterior of the car… Even thought I forgot the rearview mirror in a bad rotation (it has some mirror material inside it), but no. It is ‘over’ the window though, maybe it could be a reflection/refraction/whatever from the window.

Theres also a bump in the front of car that looks very bad and the rear looks just dull, or dumb. The rear doesn’t even fit the whole front of the car with it’s ‘straght lines’ look vs. the fronts ‘curves baby!’ look. It might even be a bit too long.

The palmtrees could need subsurf++.


This latest one is not as nice as the one with the palmtree shadow
on the hood one. But i think it could be if you did the subsurf++ to the
palm tree on the left and adjusted the lighting so that lower half of the corvette would reflect a well lighted ground. One extra light could do this, but there should be only one light that makes shadows.

Yep, its too dark. I was thinking that the low position of the camera and the palmtrees at the back would create something nice.I don’t know exactly what, but something.

You’re thinking another light, I’m thinking just upping the ambient occlusion power. I don’t know which would be better, maybe the extra light but hold the shadows and spec would work. I don’t know about the palmtrees either, maybe there should be more. Now they can look a bit alone.

Could you try this metallic paint on it?