A 1982 corvette

Ok, this is done. Something is still ‘missing’ from the final picture, but I’m moving on. Thanks for all the comments and critique in the wip thread.


Perhaps the image is missing an environment map? I just learned about the feature a few days ago. You could try to add EnvMap texture to the fuselage of the car and set MapTo Cmir to get mirror effect.

Or you could cope without EnvMap:
You could put an AngMap to the background instead of the sky texture you got there now. There are some nice free ones here at Elysiun. Also you must set a the texture of the fuselage to mirror to get the effect.

Good modeling nevertheless.

Absolutely amazing, i love the choice of colour, and most importantly the amount of effort you put into the surroundings, nicely modelled cars are starting to become a dime a dozen, but everyone else just ends up rendering their cars on gray planes, i think your environment does the car justice and helps to complete the pic. The only crit is that on the front of the car, where the shadow of a palm leaf is, the left side of the raised hood doesn’t look striaght, it could just be a trick of the light, or maybe it’s meant to be like that, good job all around, i don’t think anything is missing.

The fuselage already has some raymirror, that should do about the same as an envmap. Agreed, it doesn’t show up that much.

It is as straight as the rightside, as the car is mirrored along the length. I do see what you mean, but that has to be the light or something playing tricks.

that looks sweet!!

a pink stingray… sweet… very good composition, looks awesome. To me it looks like the AA settings need to be cranked up, other than whats already been said. its pretty good.

Very nice, looks a little like plastic though.

It looks like a toy…Barbie must be taking a swim…

What BeBraw was trying to say was the car wasn’t reflecting very much. The raymirror would reflect the surrounding objects not the sky. You could get away with using ray mirror if you modelled a lot more stuff around the car.

Put an envmap or better an angmap (W/ ambient occlusion or yafray) so the sky would get reflected off the car paint and the sky would light up the car as well…

BTW, When I saw your car I remembered a pink car with shag carpeting I saw when I was a wee lad.

Care to share any tips on making it look like metal?

And what I forgot to mention was that the World does have an angmap (HDRI of all things) and it does get reflected with raymir. What I was agreeing with BeBraw was that the reflection of the sky doesn’t show up that much. The palmtrees trunk is fine (and actually gives away the fact that the other palmtrees don’t have any leaves).

If I crank up the raymirr to get good reflections it washes away some of the color.

Sky could be more high rez and the shadow of the palm leaf looks bit weird, but other that it’s very nice car.

I suggest making it more shiny and reflective to make it look like metal instead of plastic.

I know what you’re missing :smiley:

The windscreen wipers :stuck_out_tongue: and maybe some indicator lights? :-? What about those water sprayers to clean the windscreen.

I have something to say about the chairs though…does that corvette have a office in there? The seats seems like office chairs. :smiley:


Could be, allthough none of the photos I google shows them.

They were modelled after some racing seats.