a 5 Min Logo for a friend

The creation time is equal to the render time. Around 5-10 min. Quite pleased for something that quick. (the render took that long cause i had AO , and Antialiasing and Raytracer on)

The text possibility does save a considerable modeling time :stuck_out_tongue:


Good for 5 min work lol. I can’t wait to see your 1 hour work

5 minutes? Is Blender that good, or are you? Or a combination of both? :Z

actually i have done something along the lines of this before. its really not that hard.

just a good material job.

looks great (for 5 min) i just dont like the ground texture.

I don’t think there is a ground texture, just a reflection of the sky.

The letters T and h don’t look like they are sitting properly

Other than that, I really like the image.

A lot of the time images with horizons look a little odd because the sky doesn’t blend well with the ground but I think the reflection helps here and also the clouds along the horizon.

Yea, its very easy to do. First of all. I didnt model the text. Just entred the text and made it 3d. Its a reasonably powerfull tool and time saver (rather than model the letters out :stuck_out_tongue: )

For the material. I just made a marble texture and a cloud texture with colors. Added some Ray transparency and ray mirror. Added a nice sky texture and the little sphere. Really quick but nice (and the frien who has no knowledge of 3d goes. OMG! :stuck_out_tongue: )

The render took me almost as long as the making cause there was so much Ray tracing to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

the 1 hour work? hmm check out the Medieval Fantasy artwork thread in the Work in Progress. Its my latest project.