Ä.Ä.k.S. I - pretty vote machine

(basse) #1

here’s a little something I did today…

it’s an old photograph of a voting-machine back in 1923… you don’t see many of these around anymore…

some colored renderings are here (I just can’t decide what looks best heh…):



(billythekid) #2

I love it
Wonderful style and texturing, The original[posted] image i like best.
Billy the Kid Goat

(BgDM) #3

Nice render basse, as always.

I like the originally posted picture (as you called it, :wink: ), as well. More of an old time feel to it. The others, Blue Light & Yellow Light are too clean and newer looking.


(MoreK) #4

Really nice, basse. Great work with textures and colors. I especially like those “punch tapes” or whatever you call them…


(S68) #5


I like the originaml most :slight_smile:


(blengine) #6

excellent work! :o :o

(Idgas) #7

looks really good man. I like the old look

(rixtr66) #8

i like it,the modelling and texturing are great,i love the old time feel!
nice work.


(basse) #9

wow… thanks all, for the comments. I think the old one is the one I will be sticking too…
it was the original idea (to create old photo), when I first started doing this… but in in the modelling process, I tend to use colours and texturize, so I can more clearly see what is going on in my scene…
but then in the final work, it’s always hard to decide “can I really loose all these 16million colours I have there”… heh…

thanks again for comments, very uplifting…


(endi) #10

WOW! Very good picture.
We need a professional art gallery to collect professional Blender pictures.

(kaktuswasse) #11

yeah,that rocks