Since my creativity was curb-stomped a while ago, I’ve been doing 2d game characters in 3d for the last few months. Today I began working on a character from Guilty Gear Isuka and the upcoming Guilty Gear Slash: A.B.A.
Oficial Art: http://img490.imageshack.us/img490/5866/aba1za.th.jpg

As of now, I’ve only modelled her weapon (Paracelsus), and the hardest part awaits. Please note that I am basing them in the cartoonier game sprites:

nastier eyes! it looks very surprised

I remade the face, and am currently looking for a better texture for the blade’s blood.

Since I finished my other project, I started to dedicate more time to this.


Currently working on her, trying to give her that perpetual “stoned” expression she carries.

I am looking at these images and I can’t tell which ones are yours. That game looks very creepy and good in a sadistically violent and twisted way… Link? :wink:

Here’s a pretty detailed article on the series. In summary, it’s a 2d fighting game series made by Arc Systems. It’s known for having crazy character designs. ABA just happens to be the latest character in the series.

This one is just me messing to see how she’s coming along:

Some of the clipping issues will be covered once I fix the bandages (gonna have to manually mess with them) and add the vest/skirt.

youve still got some work to do but its comeing nice!!!

Today I didn’t have much time, so I just focused on modeling her jacket and tubes.

Things to do:

  • Finish modeling her clothes.
  • Find high-res bandage textures.
  • Fix clipping issues.
  • Whatever else you guys find.

As always, I appreciate any and all comments.

if you are not “afraid” to edit/fix the bandage images into texture then id say search the google!


I remodeled her face/hair almost from scratch, to try and give her a less…“sterile” look.

Here’s the picture I’m using for reference at the moment:

umm ref pic has a different nose don’t you think?

I worked on her nose to make it more similar to the original, as well as her hair. I took out the edge lines to see how it looked…should I keep the lines?

this is some a class stuff im really enjoying

Today I worked with her skirt, as well as random stuff here and there. I also found a lot of glitches, and fixed most of them (some can be seen in these renders, and I’ll work on them later in the week).



I finished modeling her belt and skirt, moved the tubes, messed a little with the front pouch, and began texturing. I am almost pleased with the skirt, but I might have to edit the image some more for it to blend with the rest of the character.
As for the bandages, I will probably take pictures of my own bandages and touch them up.


After a bunch of random changes, and adding the missing parts, I am finally satisfied with her. Thanks for the comments, they helped a lot during the development of my second complete human character.

The final rendering can be found in this thread: