A Barrage of Questions

Hello everyone. First of all I’d like to apologize if this is the wrong forum. I felt it’d be better to put all my questions together rather than spreading them through the forums.

I am working on a project of mine, but every step I take forward, I seem to take a step back in another direction. I have a list of problems/questions/concerns and I hope that some of them can be answered so I can finish sooner. I will upload the .blend file and any screenshots if necessary.

  • Fixing the UIOne day I was baking some cloth simulations and left my computer to do its thing. While I was gone, someone else used it, and somehow messed up the top portion of the UI so now I can’t see the Info panel. This makes it annoying since I can’t see how many vertices/edges/faces I’m selecting, and I can’t do File commands without knowing the shortcut. I can’t edit any of the preferences either. I thought about trying to reset it back to Factory Defaults, but I think it would wipe everything, not just the UI layout.

  • Texture BakingI’ve looked over some tutorials regarding baking since it’s said to help render times with complex materials. So I decided to give it a go, and even though I [I think I] baked all the textures, it’s not how it was supposed to turn out. I’m wondering if using SSS and Nodes has anything to do with it, or maybe it’s something else. Even with an 8-processor computer at 3ghz, a full render takes 8 minutes, mainly because it’s doing the materials. Shaving that time down would help tremendously.

  • Ambient Occlusion OmittingPart of the model includes a small pair of rose-shaped earrings. (As seen in my avatar) These earrings are over 2k polygons, more than the character itself at one point, and it seems that during the AO pass, all the processors are put to a halt since one processor is busy working on just earring. Is there a way to turn off AO for just that mesh/object, while leaving everything else intact?

  • Cloth BakingEventually, I’d like to have cloth simulation on my model, but looking through tutorials online, it’s usually based on the old Softbody method, or all the tutorial shows is a cloth falling on a box. Are there any good tutorials for cloth interacting with an armature? If not, what are some suggestions to doing this? Each time I bake, the process is dreadfully slow, and only uses 1 processor, leaving the other 7 idle. I wish there was a way to make them all work at once, but I don’t know of any or if it’s even possible.

  •  Cloth Intersections   Going along with the Cloth Baking problem, I’ve tried getting the cloth object, a robe, to move along with my model’s legs, but so far, the results aren’t very accurate.  I’ve used Cloth Pinning, and I parented it to the armature and assigned Vertex Groups, but I can’t get it right.  I’d like to know of any suggestions for this, and also if turning off/removing Subsurf or Subdividing the mesh would be a good idea.  I tried to keep the polycount low for calculations, but would more help?
  • UV KeyframesThe eyes on my character are based on another model by FEDB, Maid-san. The way the eyes work are they are a small white subdivided plane, with an eye texture placed on it. The problem I’m going to have is animating it, since unlike an eyeball, where it can spin freely, the plane can not spin without revealing the inside of the head. Is there a way in the UV/Image Editor to move the eye texture’s position and keyframe it?

I’m still learning how to use Blender, so there are a lot of things I don’t know. I hope the wording is right, but if anyone needs more clarification, I’d gladly explain in more detail. Either way, any help on any of these subjects would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

1: If the actual window has disappeared, then split your 3d window in two with RMB click on the horizontal line and select Split Area. Now RMB on the vertical line and do the same, but put the split where the User Preferences goes and change the window type to User Preferences. Good wiki page
2. Wiki baking page
3. Nope, just deal with the render times or even better, try AAO. Blender 2.46 AAO page.
4. Cloth wiki page.
5. Set the mesh as Collision (in the collision panel) see above wiki link.
6. Nope.

One thing you NEED to know: This is your best friendand This is your other best friend. And then us’ns here can help you too, but not usually as fast

1: Well, I did get the User Preferences panel up, but there’s still a messed up portion at the top that I can not get rid of. I’m wondering if it’s possible to move every object, armature, and well, everything to a new Blender project and keep working.

2.While wiki pages are a good source of information, the reason I ask on the forums is to get other people’s suggestions that the documentation can not provide. I have seen the majority of the wiki articles, but I was hoping that someone else who’s had this problem before could shed some light on this subject.

3: Thanks for the page. It works great, with only slight differences that I can probably tweak to look better. The render time reduced 4-fold!

  1. Same as 2. According to the page, it tells of different solutions, but maybe it’s jt wishful thinking for me to imagine a ‘magic fix it button’ to get things working right. I’ll look over the documentation, but armatures+mesh+cloth is still something I’d like to see more in depth.

  2. It’s already set, along with the other objects that collide with the robe.

  3. Any suggestions?

And while I’m new to Blender, I’m not entirely incompetent to the internet. :slight_smile:
When I can’t find something online, I turn to here as a last resort.

  1. Sure, link it all into a new file This helps explain
  2. I’m no good at explaining this
    3.I’m glad! :smiley:
  3. Softbody is always better for me.
  4. Cloth modifier has its problems, its fairly new. Here is a simalar problem that the answers are worth looking into.
  5. I prefer a set up like JoOngle’s CuteBear. Really simple if you ask me. http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=62270
    Ha ha… I turn to the wiki for my problems and everyone else’s, mainly because it is very good at explaining everything.(And I am not.;))