A basic "how to make hair" tutorial *small update*

I admit it.
I made this tutorial, because someone asked me to do a tutorial about “how to make hair”. Some people didnt understand the orange stuff, I guess. Neither did I, and I’m people… too (?) :Z .
Is Zorro people?

Anyway, I made it and here it is. You can go and tweak the settings however you want. But here’s one way to do it, and it should work.
Enough of the explaining, here you go (or not). You’ll find enough explainin in the tutorial, hopefully.


Sorry, I screwed it. So, I’ll tweak a couple of settings. LOL.
-a couple of minutes pass…

Why don’t u use a sphere to show examples with? It look a lot better if you don’t use a plane! :-?

Wow thanks a lot, I was having a lot of troubles playing with particles and you put a sense on some points.
I was like you, trying to grab some informations from all the differents topics but you get it.
Thanks a lot for sharing.

Now, if someone would explain how to style them… :slight_smile: I tried to do that with normal map, but didn’t quite liked the result :frowning: And it would work for very short hair only.

Hehe finally something to play with.

[Kothe] Yeah, It might. Maybe I’ll update it. Anyway, that’s not the point, so I didn’t consider it very relevant.

2.38/2.40??? hmm where did you got that???

it’s not on the blender3d.org site.

could you tell me where to download it?

thanx in advance niels

Testing builds forum:


Any of the builds that say ‘particles’ in the title should have the revised particle system, get the most recent one.

Happy blending


Well, I guess it’s gonna be like this. The main thing is how to get the hair fade. You can also animate it to fade with the alpha slider in the material window.

And… make hair grow.

Thanks, I didn’t know I could animate the sliders, now that I do, I know I can animate hair growth.

Yeah! I never thought of that! :stuck_out_tongue: Cool :slight_smile:
But I guess you have to animate the blend texture as well to make it grown?

Hi, I just add a little things, in the compilation used for this tutorial, there is a particle patch which is not yet in the CVS, normally it will be in the 2.4 release but for moment it exists only in patch.

Well, by CVS I mean the latest testing build. And that’s what you’ll probably get if you ask about CVS, at least in #blenderchat.

I added something a small section on how to make curls or whatever.

cool thanx

I will give it a detailed read tonight when I have the time to concentrate on it. Are you up for some CONSTRUCTIVE( I do mean that) critisism?

Well, I dont know. I’m only trying to help. Sure crit it. I dont think we should take these things so seriously, anyway.